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The Outlaws of Sherwood Forest (OSF) gaming community was founded by a small group of friends in March of 1999 on the principles of good sportsmanship, fair play, and most importantly a fun-loving attitude. The name was created out of the legend of Robin Hood who selflessly fought with his "merry men" against the oppression of the poor and the weak in the name of fairness and good and who was labeled an outlaw for doing so. The significance of the name was that they wanted to set themselves apart in the online gaming world as a group of people who stands against the arrogant, self-centered, and self-righteous attitude that steps all over the casual game player out there. They wanted to provide a shelter and a haven from the lack of common courtesy and concern for others that contaminates the online world in general.

The community has gone through significant growth over the years. What started as a group of several local friends playing Jedi Knight over 56k modems has transitioned to a large group of members from various states and countries hosting multiple game servers via several different types of resources. These resources have included a server box on the home DSL connection of one of our members, server boxes colocated with an internet provider, and finally game servers rented through a game server hosting company. The first game servers that were hosted included Counter-strike prior to it becoming official and owned by Valve and Team Fortress Classic. All of our game servers have been hosted thanks to the generous donations of monetary funds and physical resources by members.

The purpose of the community goes beyond hosting game servers. More importantly its focus is on making new friends. Membership has grown from 5 founding members to 100's of new members. There are many outlets to socialize with other members including the forums. Yearly LAN parties at locations around North America have also become a fun aspect of encouraging more community camaraderie.

The community continues to grow and thrive today while adhering to the same philosophies and principles that it was born out of. It will continue to expand by hosting servers for new games and by looking for other new opportunities to grow and add more variety. The Outlaws of Sherwood Forest will always strive to provide a clean, relaxed, fair, fun, and sociable atmosphere in which to play online games and to make new friends.

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