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What we are not is a "clan" or "guild" or any variation on that theme.

Those type of gaming groups are focused solely on competition, generally for one specific game. There is often a military-based hierarchy to the leadership and new members are taken in entirely based on skill. They also normally require some commitment of time to practice for and participate in matches. Being a member and rising up the ranks of one of these groups also tends to be viewed as a symbol of status in the gaming world. This is not what we are about at all. We are not looking for people who want to be popular or who need an ego boost. If you simply want to make some new friends and play games with them whenever you have free time and motivation, then this is the right place for you. If you have other motives related to the "clan" mentality detailed above, we are not what you are looking for. In terms of competition, it will never be our focus and will never be required here.

What we are is a "community" of friends who enjoy relaxing by playing games together for fun in our free time.

We concentrate on making friends, not fighting against enemies. We are not focused on competition nor will we ever be, there is no time commitment, and we will always try to support more and more games officially by hosting game servers and community nights and will always support all games unofficially. Our criteria for membership is not based on skill. We are not impressed with how "great" someone thinks they might be. They can be the most skilled player in the world, but if they are an arrogant, conceited individual who can not treat others with respect and civility and respect the wishes of the majority, this community wants nothing to do with them. Our focus is solely on a mature, pleasant demeanor and a willingness to work as a team and play fair as well as contribute positively to the community in general. It simply requires having a friendly, easy-going, fun-loving attitude and putting the feelings and needs of others ahead of your own.

What we are not is a democratic entity with elected leaders.

As much as we labor to be as democratic as possible in making many decisions to attempt to make things more agreeable to the majority, particularly when it comes to our game servers, we are not a democracy. Those who take the lead here are not elected by the general body of members, and not all topics are open for debate or decided upon by the general body of members. The primary objective here is to play games more and deliberate as little as possible. The framework has been developed out of necessity only for what amounts to nothing more than a hobby. If you are looking for an experiment in government or something grander than a hobby, this is not what we are about. If you are looking for a place to meet new friends with a similar interest in gaming while relaxing and having fun away from the worries of life, this is the place for you.

What we are is a private club with selected management.

There is a small group of original founders who take ownership of things here as the creators as would be the case with a private club. Those needed to help maintain things are selected by this group based on many factors. Although issues such as what game servers to host and what their configuration might be is up for discussion, there are certain issues that will never be discussed or determined by the general body of members including how those who manage things are selected or what the core set of beliefs and philosophies are. Although there is always room for adjustments in some areas, we are and will continue to be what we were created to be, a family-oriented haven for adults to discuss and play video games. If all of what we are about is for you, the best way to demonstrate this to us is to play with us as often as possible on our servers and contribute meaningful posts to our forums in an attempt to get to know us better.

Requirements for Applicants

If you meet and agree with these requirements, please continue to the membership tutorial. If you are under the age of 18, do not speak English fluently, and/or can not disconnect yourself from another clan while using our resources, please feel free to continue to play with us on our game servers and frequent our website and forums as much as you like as even though we have requirements for our own members we do still enjoy more diversity and good company on our game servers.

Membership Tutorial


If you do not follow directions and do not complete each of the steps in the exact order listed below, you will not be considered until you follow through with it on your own. You must be at least 18 years of age and speak English fluently for your application to be valid. All applicants must:

Note that there is a six-week waiting period between posting a testimonial and being sent the instructions for the Q&A. This affords an applicant ample opportunity to get to know us and the same opportunity for us to get to know him or her. Take advantage of this time and participate as much as possible! The only exception to this is if enough members already know you well enough if you have invested time participating with us already. In that case, you may be fast-tracked and could receive the Q&A much earlier. Do not wear our tag until you are officially accepted as a member! If you should be declined the first time you apply, you will be sent a note with constructive criticism on why you were declined, and you may apply one more time at three months past the date of being declined. We take the consideration of new members very seriously and will not rush the process. We do not require any commitment to be a member outside of a maintained interest of some sort and an agreement to abide by our charter and philosophies. For further questions about the membership process, please contact the welcome committee.

Current Active Members

Total Members = 108
(Active = 13, Inactive = 95)

Nickname Member Since Country
Decoy July 2003 United States
Jacob July 2004 United States
JLA May 2005 United States
kevinkitten March 2006 United Kingdom
Killi_Vanilli April 2005 United States
Kramerika March 1999 United States
likuidlightning June 2007 United States
MadFF March 2007 United States
powerdemon September 2004 United States
private_pyle_uk July 2005 United Kingdom
smoke August 2004 United States
Swine December 2006 United States
ViperX1 January 2006 United States

Dearly Departed
We Will Never Forget

Nickname Period of Membership Memories
Grandpa_Bob Dec 2003 - Jan 2007 Grandpa Bob loved his family and friends and enjoyed new challenges, including flying apache helicopters upside down!
UberDave Oct 2004 - Oct 2006 UberDave was lost defending his country. We can not possibly thank him enough for his sacrifice in protecting our freedoms and security.

Please be certain to keep your email address up to date in your forum profile to continue to receive community correspondence. For members not listed as active above, you most likely missed the quarterly community surveys and have been set to inactive status until you click the link in the quarterly survey email or respond here with a request to be made active again. For members wishing to resign their membership, please see the charter for the policy.

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